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She said yes!

Doesn’t get more romantic than this!
Chris took Rebecca for a lovely lunch then suggested a stroll in the park ….where me and the team from The One Romance were secretly waiting by the band stand!
Rebecca was overwhelmed when she saw that Chris had written her a huge love letter and the band stand was filled with her favourite flowers, and photos of their baby boy. I think she must have guessed what was going to happen next…! Chris got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
I was standing at a discreet distance trying not to wobble my long lens with the emotion of it all then we all went over to congratulate them and crack open the champagne. Neither of them could stop smiling and we were so happy it went well and the rain held off.
Even baby Louie enjoyed himself and looked very sweet in his special T-shirt.
All organised perfectly by the romance planners The One Romance

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